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If you have any feedback about the Massachusetts medical marijuana program, including regulatory or legislative suggestions, make an appointment with the registered qualifying patient advisor to the Cannabis Control Commission.

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Meet the Patient Advisor

Qualifying patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders in the Massachusetts medical marijuana program are welcome to make appointments through this platform to meet with the patient representative on the Cannabis Advisory Board.

About the Patient Advisor

When the legislature enacted Chapter 55 of the Acts of 2017 “An Act to Ensure Safe Access to Marijuana”, Section 77 of the law created a 25 person Cannabis Advisory Board that included a seat for a registered qualifying patient appointed by the president of the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance.

Michael Latulippe was appointed as the Registered Qualifying Patient Advisor to the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission in 2017 by the President of the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance and is serving his second two year term which ends in 2021. Working with other members of the 25 person Cannabis Advisory Board, Michael develops regulatory recommendations for the Commission to consider which aim to improve the Medical Marijuana Program.

Improving the Medical Marijuana Program Starts Here

Improving the lives of registered qualifying patients can start simply by sharing your personal experiences with the patient advisor because those stories inform recommendations made through the Cannabis Advisory Board.

Your Experience Matters

Meeting with the registered qualifying patient advisor to share your personal experiences with the medical marijuana program is an important part of the regulatory process and allows for real patients to impact positive outcomes for themselves and other patients.


Make regulatory suggestions that will help improve safe access for medical marijuana patients and safeguard that access from any interference.


When particular topics are enshrined into law, it becomes important to work with the legislature on legislation to address those particular topics.


When troubleshooting topics for medical patients, sometimes waivers and administrative changes are possible to resolve the issue.

Make An Appointment

The registered qualifying patient advisor is currently available to meet with qualifying patients, caregivers, Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MTC) operators, and other stakeholders via Zoom on the first, second, and third Friday of each month from noon to 5pm.

First, Second, and Third Fridays from 12pm – 5pm